Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Happy Holidays Hunt - Hints & Landmarks

Each item will cost 10L
1. ISPACHI. HINT: Look for the pink orchid
2. KHUSH HINT: Immer Gerade aus
3. Diesel Works HINT: Chaise it
4.  [LeeZu!]  HINT: Enter the furniture store and be sure to go the 'right' way.
6.  Nyte'N'Day HINT: Go towards the right, but not towards the sunlight.
7.  [ROCKBERRY]  HINT: Brought to you by the angels.
8.  { what next } HINT: All the gifts are under the tree
9.  Berries Inc HINT: Can someone put these baskets up in the attic?
10.  Klam Design  HINT:
11.  *REALE* HINT:  So many eyes looking at me!
12.  LISP Bazaar HINT: christmas market
13.  Pom.pon HINT: Gatcha! :3
16.  Adam n Eve  HINT: CLOTHING BUILDING: Subscribe to my way of thinking
17.  Tyranny Designs HINT: Look left!
18.   [aRAWRa]  HINT:
19.  Osakki  HINT: amongst the killer blazers, lying on the cold slab floor
20.  Intrigue Co  HINT:
21.  JeSyLiLO HINT: Peeking out from under the tree
22.   [ORTA]  HINT:
23.  Magoa HINT: Its a scroll collection!
24.  .:Ducknipple:.  HINT:
25.  MudHoney   HINT: A gift from us... or Santa.
26.  Fusion HINT: Set behind
27.  Modd.G  HINT: I'll just sit and admire the snow
28.  Di's Opera HINT: Long legs
29.  BLITZED   HINT: See through the blindfold
30.  Razorblade Jacket HINT: Even the Tinman Learned to Love.
31. *Slash Me Poses  HINT: Dream a little dream
32. LG-CONCEPT  HINT: LaGyo: go where things are new, turn the corner and see the forest
33.   TART  HINT:          Skin section: coming soon!
34.  Willow HINT:
35.  [-iPoke-] Piercings HINT: It'll only hurt for a second.
36.  [doll.]   HINT:
37.  CnS e-motion   HINT: Up one set of stairs in plain sight
38. [croire]  HINT: write in the guestbook or leave me a note
39.  Alienbear HINT: Find the snowman
40. Solange! Fashions  HINT: The first place you look on Christmas morning.
41. AlaFolie HINT: like a lookout on a boat
42. Indie Rose HINT: Call on me
43. MIMI'S CHOICE HINT: "JADOR" is very beautiful
44. Fellini Couture HINT: What would you wear for a Christmas Ball?
45. *Rezlpsa Loc* HINT: Meet me at the rooftop for drinks
46. *elymode* HINT: Don't let this clue stump you
47. POSEUR HINT: Meet me at the rooftop for drinks
48. .: Acid & Mala Creations:. HINT:
49. [HUZ-TATS]- HINT: near the gold
50. lassitude & ennui HINT: A broken pillar to my left.
51.  Baffle! HINT: relax
52. Peqe HINT: Two white balls and one carrot!
53. RONSEM HINT: part of present
54. Son!a HINT:
55. cheLLe HINT: Will your cheeks be Rosy Blush?
56. Elate! HINT:            Not *under* the tree.
57. Caroline's Jewelry HINT: In plain sight
58.  Little Boxes  HINT:
59.  The Shak  HINT:
60.  [ILAYA]  HINT: check for presents
61. KIM Bodysuit  HINT: it's hidden in White...
62. The Secret Store  HINT: Meow
63. SIGMA Jewels  HINT:
64.  [ glow ] Studio  HINT: Have you seen any shoes?
65. sblur  HINT: satisfy your sweet tooth
66.  Raw House  HINT:
67. CheerNo FEMME   HINT:
68. PIDIDDLE  HINT: Relax and have a cup of hot chocolate!
69.Onyx Wear  HINT: Lend me a hand
70. My Precious Agnes Finney   HINT:  Suprise in a merry go round
71.  Evoke   HINT: No thanks, we're British
72.  Le Mode, Inc  HINT: Don't forget to clean behind the ears.
73. Fear & Clothing  HINT: Breezy
74. !tarnished  HINT:
75.  no.07  HINT: Rockin around the christmas tree
76.  *Ys&Ys* HINT: Up for a logo and a drink
77. PurpleMoon Creations  HINT: It seems that Santa already left something for you!
78. : Royal Blue  HINT:
80. [ M ] Magnifico  HINT: we have many wood in shop also shoes
81.  aDORKable  HINT:  Sign up here
82. : AMIARI  HINT: Brr, its cold out! Come in and warm your toesies
83. BAIASTICE  HINT: merry christmas!
84.  Izzie's  HINT: How are thy leaves so small
85.  The Plastik  HINT:
86. Atooly  HINT: the deer have a gift for you
87. LacieCakes HINT: Santa has his list & he's checking it twice!
88. LouLou&Co HINT: Why don't you stop to read a little?
89.  MOOD  HINT: You'll always find jewelery in a jewelery box!
90. Cynful  HINT: Up one set of stairs, in plain sight
91.  ORION HINT: the gift doesnt fall far from the tree
92. Jador HINT: click the butt of the cold lady
93.  Flair HINT: Look up!
94.  W.Winx HINT: The cats know where it's at
95. *BOOM* Clothing  HINT: There's mischief a 'foot'
96.  AtomicBambi  HINT: It's in the GIFTIES

The With Love Hunt and The Happy Holidays Hunt (Winter 2010) brought to you by CHIC Management events.
XOXO Nidya Faith

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