Friday, January 7, 2011

bull tattoo-rage ahead with style and ink

bull tattoo design on armbull tattoo design imagesFrom times immemorial Bulls have been associated with strength, resurrection, productiveness, masculinity, supremacy, and empathy, also the bull is represented in the Zodiac as ‘Taurus’. It is exactly this symbolism that has made bull tattoos such a wild rage. Most tattoo bearers see associate the bull with power or aggression and the same fact also shows in their designs.

And if you are thinking that bull tattoos were just for the masculine gender then you might have to rethink because according to mythology the bull is also associated with the feminine gender by representing fertility.

People choose different places on their bodies to get this design inked. Though bull tattoos might look seemingly uncomplicated, the fact is that they require great amount of craftsmanship in getting the features right. So when going for a bull tattoo go to an experienced artist.

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