Sunday, December 26, 2010

grapevine tattoo-let us celebrate life

Grapevine Tattoo for girls
Grapevine Tattoo designsIt is associated with life’s bounty and is a sign of abundance. The grapevine tattoos enjoy a lifelong popularity. They were linked with the Roman and Greek Gods who’s picture would be incomplete without Grapevine crowns and overflowing wine in that.

Since then, they have become symbolic to celebrating life and have paved their way to an individual’s skin too. Grapevine tattoos can be worked on any part of the body. It can take the shape of a collar round the neck, a bracelet around the wrist or go up to one’s leg from the ankle.

These popular grapevine tattoos have aged gracefully with us but will live on forever through this beautiful and ever-lasting art of tattoo.

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