Sunday, December 26, 2010

military tattoo – brotherhood among comrades

Lower back military tattoo
picture of 2009 military tattooMilitary tattoo has different bifurcation – that of Army, Navy, and Air Force. Soldiers, in memory of the fellow comrades lost in war, inked military tattoos on the different portion of the body – arm, chest, shoulder, back, and wrist.

Red beret, Green Beret, camouflage, tanks, wings, jets, bull dogs, anchors, nautical stars, and cutters are some of the popular military tattoo emblems. Military tattoos should be concealed by the apparels; it should not be seen.

The present military tattoo image is related with ancient Scottish army. Other than persons in Army and Navy, military tattoo now-a-days are worn by the teenagers as it depicts immense courage and toughness to combat stress.

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